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Our Story

Glen Isla has textiles roots which are firmly planted in Scottish soil. With a history that dates back over 200 years, Glen Isla has grown up with the British textile industry and over the years, has become synonymous with Scotland and its rich heritage. 
Based in the historic textile town of Langholm, otherwise known as  ‘The Muckle Toon’, hidden away in miles of rolling hills and truly at the heart of the Scottish Borders, this is where Glen Isla calls home.
A bit like Scotland, Glen Isla champions the slower pace of life and the simple things that bring happiness. You don’t need to complicate things to make them more beautiful and the age old techniques used in our mill have been passed down through generations and our hope for many more to come.
With this love, understanding and deep respect of all things ‘wooly’, Glen Isla has a clear and simple objective - to make beautiful yet simple collections of accessories that help preserve, support and nurture our special textile community.